Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Euromaidan Plot

By now it ought to be clear the west is  attempting to encircle Russia by means of a series of color revolutions.

Let me explain. It is quite clear that the Orange Revolution, the Rose Revolution and Euromaidan were all CIA plots to bring NATO up to Russia's borders.  It is also well known the Kremlin believes that NATO, the CIA and the USA did all of these things in order to break Russia so it can steal our resources (as if ordinary Russians could tell the difference from now).

So, if we just stick to Ukraine and Euromaidan and explore this argument a little bit further we can see that the USA was engaged in a massive secret intelligence operation within Ukraine both before, during and after Euromaidan. This operation involved at least many, many millions of dollars and dozens, if not hundreds of people.

How would the CIA have made Euromaidan happen?

It required this money to be distributed. It required phone calls. It required people, lots and lots of people. People to tell the "nazis" when to turn up and protest against Yanukovych's "legitimate" government.  People to pay them to do that. People to provide them with weapons (dustbin lids and bike helmets).  People to control them during the protest and take orders from the State Department so the protests matched unpredictable political events.  The list goes on.

It also required money to buy sniper's rifles only Russia uses. It required money to pay men to willing to use them to shoot unarmed protesters to just make Russia look bad. It required phone calls, e-mails, bank accounts, internet chat records and so on to arrange all these devious events.  It required agents to find men willing to do that. It required command and control to tell them when to fire. From where to fire. To make them disappear from the scene of the murders without a trace since the crime.

Furthermore, like the Rose Revolution, the heartless bastards decided to do it in winter so the defenders of the legitimate government could soak them with water cannon.

In short, it required an operation that had a massive footprint. The probability of such an operation only being run by people disciplined and skilful enough to keep it entirely secret is miniscule. The probability it could also be run by a massive group of people so sociopathic as to not have a single member of the group with a conscious that would be guilted into leaking details of it is also miniscule. The probably of both events taking place together is ludicrous to even consider.

What would the effect of exposing the USA's creation of Euromaidan be?

Now, I would like you to imagine what the effect on the USA's standing in Europe (nevermind the rest of the world) would be if it were to become generally accepted by the democratically elected governments of Europe that all of the the CIA's actions above were proved beyond a reasonable doubt.  Imagine if as much evidence existed for this as exists for direct Russian military involvement in the war in Eastern Ukraine.  Imagine how The Guardian would love to break that story.

This would, quite simply, be a devastating blow for the United States from which it would not recover in 100 years.  The country would have directly subverted a legitimate government and murdered dozens of innocent people doing it all in the furtherance of a longer term goal of doing the same to Russia on a larger scale in furtherance of the largest theft of another state's resources in history. More to the point, it would have done it in Europe, not some far off place no one cares about and it would have done it in the 21st Century.  You could imagine that the GOP would have the dirt to impeach and imprison Obama and Hillary and would gleefully do so.  It would end a presidency overnight, destroy a political party and the reputation of a super power. It would be one of the most significant geo-political events in the 21st century.

It would also likely cause the break up of NATO as electorates around Europe demanded the withdrawal of US troops from their soil lest the same be done to them in the future.  Finally, Russia's actions in Ukraine would be proven conclusively to have been defensive in nature.  The sanctions would collapse overnight and we would be seen as the sole guarantor of security in Europe all the way to Lisbon, immediately replacing the USA with all the influence, both political and economic, that would bring.
You could imagine Russia regards the above scenario as in our interest.

Are Russia's intelligence incompetent?

Now, in addition to believing the USA did everything I have described above, my trolls will also inform you that Russian intelligence services are the best in the world.  Given how many hostile intelligence plots we claim to thwart each year, this is a reasonable assumption.  So, clearly, we either have proof of this massive intelligence operation that's a mortal threat to Russia, or our spies are completely incompetent. An operation, let's not forget, which was done in breach of almost every international treaty ever signed and almost every aspect of international law imaginable and, let me repeat, a direct and mortal threat to the Russian State.

So why then, with our spies and signal intelligence guys having got the proof that would give us everything we dream of, do we not release that proof to unbiased scrutiny and destroy the USA? Why is the only proof of this massive operation a hacked phone call of Victoria Nyland saying "fuck the EU" that we won't even admit to recording?

Why do only the loonies believe it?

Why is it that the Kremlin seems to believe that it is in Russia's interests for the only people who believe the USA's direct involvement in the massive operation to make Euromaidan happen (with all of the above implications) to be a bunch of racists, holocaust deniers and other idiots who never met a mass murderer they didn't like?  Why do we only entrust this massive body of evidence gathered by Russian intelligence to those with no credibility outside their own circle of idiocy?

Or maybe, just maybe, the whole idea of it being a CIA plot is just a crock of shit that doesn't stand up to the slightest examination.

It's a tough choice.


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