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How Canada will join an Anti-US military alliance.

How Canada will join an Anti-US military alliance.

With the CIA fermenting revolutions all across the post-Soviet space, former Russian colonies desperate to host permanent US bases and the US building an Russophobic anti-missile shield in "Poland" and "Romania" your Prez often receives soundbite tweets that ask "so what would the US do if Canada suddenly joined an Anti-US military alliance?".  Indeed, august (and usefully idiotic) voices such as Professor Stephen Cohen often ask the same question to excuse my invasion of Ukraine.

However, for an analogy to acceptable it has to be plausible.  Thus, below, your Prez describes a scenario when in the next 25 or so years Canada decides out of genuine fear of US invasion to militarize what is currently the longest undefended border in the world and join a Russian led anti-US military alliance. You heard it here first.

How it will start

Historians will view the beginning of these events as the day Russia released to unbiased international scrutiny its proof of the CIA creation and execution of Euromaidan.  Previously the reserve of holocaust deniers and useful idiots for mass-murderers, following independent analysis by the world's free media of the colollosal amount of data Russia gathered it quickly becomes accepted that the US staged Euromaidan.  The US is then blamed for beginning a war in eastern Ukraine and held accountable for collaborating with baby killing nazis in its quest to break Russia.

The final straw comes when the events describing how the USA shot down MH17 in furtherance of its goal are widely accepted.

This leads European citizens, fearful of being slaughtered like Ukrainians were, to come out and protest in their millions demanding the US withdraw all its military forces from Europe.
The US breaks with its tradition of not militarily intervening in countries who elect leaders hostile to NATO, such as Greece in 2014 and France in 1968, of the UK left wing governments of the 1970s (Europeans compare this rightly to Russia's benign efforts in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland during the cold war).  In a rash decision, the US military begins to flood european countries with masked, unmarked troops in US uniforms and with US military hardware.  In the face of overwhelming evidence, President Obama denies the men are US soldiers and insists that any US military personnel involved are on holiday.

Faced with no other choice to secure their freedom, countries from Estonia to Portugal turn to the only country who can help them defeat this hybrid invasion - Russia.  Convinced that Russia was acting defensively in Ukraine and trusting the Kremlin's promise to not use its military to later interfere in their domestic matters, millions of citizens across Europe greet Russian troops as liberators as the Americans are forced into a humiliating geo-political defeat.

As a result of this aggressive US military action in Europe, wide ranging sanctions are placed in the US economy, which rather than making the US stronger, leads Russia to become the world's new economic capital.  Meanwhile, having caused the US military to entirely leave continental Europe, the Russian army peacefully withdraws from the countries it liberated and returns to Russia, allowing those countries to freely elect governments sympathetic to Moscow.  Russia releases Gorbachev's previously secret notes that in fact do show NATO promised to never move east.  NATO thus breaks apart.

Keen to seize this new opportunity, the Russian leader acknowledges all Soviet deportations, mass murders and brutal suppressions of revolts as crimes against humanity.  The Kremlin's archives are open to historians from all over the world and the whitewashing of Soviet crimes in Russia ends.

Russia's economy diversifies, the rule of law is instituted and the country embarks on an economic boom unprecendented in history. Keen to earn the mighty Ruble, immigrants from all over Europe flock to Russia.

Meanwhile, Back in the USSA

Meanwhile, the USA, stinging from its geo-political humiliation elects first a drunkard who drives the now isolated economy to ruins and then an ex-CIA agent who uses a toxic bend of nationalism and topless horseback pictures taken at his ranch to reach the whitehouse.  He brings all media under state control and nationalises previously successful firms, leading the country to be dependent on its oil industry.

Canadians look on fearfully as dissenting voices in the USA are mysteriously either killed or driven to exile.  Keen to distract its citizens from a dollar with will now barely buy half of a mighty Ruble, the usually topless ex-CIA President orders a series of massive military exercises on their northern border.  This includes nuclear sabre rattling.  Canadians are rightly concerned Washington looks at their free society as a threat to its own journalist killing kleptocracy.  Washington institutes a policy that they will defend all American speakers, wherever they are.

The ex-CIA president, faced with having his own repressive government challenged by an economically superior and freer Canada to the north, turns to the old play book from 20 years before.  He ferments protests in Ottawa where Americans protest that their rights are being repressed.

Canada, naturally keen to trade with the world's most dynamic economy, looks to Russia more than its basket case southern neighbor whose currency is worthless.  Russia's sustained economic boom has left it with a transportation infrastructure that is second to none. Canadian/Russian trade thus booms.

Concerned by the endless nuclear sabre rattling from Washington, Canada agrees to host Russian anti ICBM shield on its territory.  Washington objects calling the defensive system a threat and rejects proposals either jointly man the system or to make it unnecessary by ending the threats of nuclear war.

Thus Canada turns to Moscow, now the leading economic power in the world, for security and joins an anti-US military alliance.

Feeling victimized and largely unaware of their role in starting a Europe wide war 25 years previously, US citizens support Washington's denied invasion of Canada believing that Americans in the un-recognized states of South Quebecsettia and TrandsOntario need protection.  They are content for several thousand American peacekeepers to remain there provided it keeps Canada from shifting into Moscow's orbit.

You see. Plausible and about to happen any day now.

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