Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The US Elections

Did we hack the US elections?

Don't ever believe anything until the Kremlin denies it.

As I have discussed here, it is a sincere belief of the Kremlin that grass roots revolutions against massive corruption and state brutality are not possible in the post soviet space - it always has to be the CIA.  We never provide any compelling evidence of this mortal threat to the Russian state cos if we did we'd eventually have to fix the roads but that's another issue.

We are also on the record as saying that the US conducts these as a form of warfare aimed at overthrowing us as they see the Kremlin as a challenge to their global hegemony.

So, given we were expecting a Clinton win and we wanted to undermine her, we certainly had no motive to discredit the US electoral process. None at all ;)

So now we are faced with the situation of 2 competing US cyber security companies saying we hacked Hillary's mails, the FBI saying we did, the eventual winner asking us to do it and, mostly damningly of all, us denying we did it.

And that's just the DNC.  We have US intelligence saying we stole electoral records, a group of lawyers and data analysts saying the results are odd and even Kremlin useful idiot Jill Stein thinks there should be a recount.  And you have us denying we did it.

In a tight election we only needed to swing it a few percent. Just enough to give RT and Sputnik an alternative point of view.

So, given we think the US does it to us, a whole load of folks say we did it to the US and us denying it, you can make up your own minds.

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